On Live Voyage Reports: Drake Passage Redux: Calm Before The Storm?

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NOTE: I will be updating Live Voyage Reports all day today as conditions permit.

Cruising Silver Explorer to Antarctica. @ 2013 Ralph Grizzle

The red on the map will move directly in front of us Saturday morning.

“The fire is out of control. Crew, please begin with evacuation of guests.”

Captain Adam Boczek’s words came over Silver Explorer’s public address system at around 10:30 this morning. Thankfully, the command was a simulation, part of Silver Explorer’s routine — and mandatory — crew safety drill, performed at least once during each voyage.

It is comforting to know that Silversea Expeditions takes safety so seriously, especially with what may prove to be a challenging day ahead crossing the Drake Passage.

The forecast now shows surface winds directly in our path as high as 45 knots per hour at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. That corresponds to nine on the Beaufort Scale, which indicates gale force winds and waves up to 30 feet (about 10 meters).

So far this morning, the sea has been calm, almost flat, but at 14:00 (Argentine Standard Time) the sky appears as an ominous gray and the sea is showing some white caps as the low pressure system increases.

There is a chance that we can beat the storm, reaching the safe shelter of the Beagle Channel at around midnight tonight. If we were able to do so, we would likely avert the storm’s wrath.

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