On Live Voyage Reports: Day 6 – The Polar Plunge & Vodka At A Remote Outpost

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Polar Plungers. © 2013 Ray

Polar Plungers jumping into  30°F (-1°C) seas. These two, and nearly 50 others who plunged, received a certificate afterward.

An Antarctic cruise on Silver Explorer is no place for naps — or even sleep. Sure, you can rest if you want to, but there are two things that may keep you from slipping into slumber.

The first is the length of the day. I’m not sure when the sun rises and sets, but the times would be of no consequence. It does not get dark. The curtains in our suite can darken the room when we’re ready to catch some Z’s, but it’s too tempting to walk out onto our veranda — at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., to admire the sunny scenery.

The second thing that will curb your desire to doze is the quality (and quantity) of the activities offered. All excursions are offered on a complimentary basis, so the cost of participating need not be a consideration. Should you want to nap, however, you’d need to ask yourself, “What do I miss?” For me, the answer is nothing. I want to experience it all, with one possible exception that I will get to in just a moment.

I’ve enjoyed the hiking, the rigorous climb yesterday, wildlife observation, zodiac excursions — and much more. What impresses me is that although we are only midway through our voyage, we have had a range of rich experiences. You’ve heard of super foods? Well, this may be the super cruise. The experiences are concentrated and come at us several times daily, thoroughly nutritious for the spirit and soul.

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