Standing Aft: The Sail-Away, Plus A Bonus Video, The Sensation Of Sailing On Silver Spirit

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Sunset Sail Away

Silver Spirit en route to Kusadasi, Turkey, as the sun sets on the Aegean Sea. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Sunrise, sunset or during a sail-away from port, it is one of the best places that you can be when on a cruise ship. Aft, at the far back of the ship, high up on deck or close the sea, it doesn’t matter. There is something magical about watching the world recede in the ship’s wake.

You stand there in the glow of the evening sun while the ship’s propeller creates a frothy concoction that dissipates into the horizon. Forward can be equally as beautiful. But forward can also be windy, as the ship pushes its way, doing 15 or more knots, to the next port of call.

When you are positioned forward, you are looking forward to the next place that your cruise ship will take you. A new adventure awaits, and tomorrow you will awaken in new port of call. Forward is anticipatory whereas aft represents closure and perhaps, escape.

Worries about work, the daily concerns of life — these all slip away in the ship’s wake, swept away by the ocean currents. You stand there watching the gentle sea as your vessel quietly sails away from one place and toward another.

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