12 Things To Like About The New AmaPrima

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AmaPrima Vienna

Coming from Bratislava, AmaPrima makes her way to Vienna. I boarded for five days, enough time to discover 12 things to like about AmaWaterways’ newest vessel. @ 2013 Ralph Grizzle

After a much-welcomed thunderstorm last night, we stepped off AmaPrima this morning in Vilshofen, Germany, ending five days on board AmaWaterways‘ newest vessel and temperatures in Austria and Germany that were often above 90F.

The storm started as we were enjoying a gala dinner in Erlebnis, AmaPrima’s gourmet restaurant, situated aft and featuring gourmet cuisine, wonderful wines and panoramic views — all at no extra charge. Indeed, dining in Erlebnis was one of the highlights of our voyage from Vienna to Vilshofen.

It was, in fact, a voyage filled with highlights. Click to read the 12 that stand out.