This Week, Reporting From France: Cruise Europe Meets In Le Havre

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Alabaster Cliffs Etretat

Photographing the Alabaster Cliffs in beautiful Etretat, near Normandy’s cruise capital, Le Havre, France.

Monday afternoon, I’ll step ashore in Le Havre, France, along with many of my industry colleagues. We won’t be landing by boat on the beaches of Normandy, however. Rather, most of us will be arriving via wheeled transportation — motor coaches, automobiles, and who knows, if our friends from Amsterdam are up for a good spin, even bicycles.

We’re gathering here for an annual meeting of Cruise Europe, an organization with more than 100 members along the shores of Northern and Atlantic Europe.

Nearly every port, from the tip of Arctic Norway all the way down to sunny Lisbon, will be represented by professionals who have become more than colleagues over the years. Many are good friends, and some are like family to me (that’s another story entirely, however).

I’ll tell you more about  Cruise Europe’s initiatives in the coming days. I’m sure to learn things that will make a difference in cruise vacations within this broad region.

For the moment, I’d like to tell you a little about Le Havre. I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent a few weeks in this lovely city over the past few years, and it’s definitely a destination that should go on your must-see list.

To convince you of that I’ve compiled links to stories depicting my experiences in the Le Havre region and a video that will give you a taste of what you can expect when you are the one stepping ashore here in the northwest of France.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

Stay tuned this week as we report from Le Havre, France and the Cruise Europe annual meeting.