Tweeting Away About Cruises With Micky Arison & Other Heavy Hitters

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Earlier Today: Tweeting Away About Cruises With Micky Arison & Other Heavy Hitters

Wednesday afternoon, I joined Travel Weekly Chats on Twitter along with some heavy hitters, including Carnival Corporation Chairman Micky Arison, who has more Twitter followers than Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises combined. Imagine.

We were online for an hour to Tweet about cruising in 2013. The moderators posed a series of questions to which we responded within the confines of 140 characters.

In one hour, we sent 942 tweets (roughly a tweet every four seconds) and generated 7,120,664 impressions, reaching an audience of 560,952 followers. Pretty amazing, huh?

What did we Tweet about? You can get an idea about the nature of the questions and answers from the first question, marked Q1, and a sampling of the answers, which begin with A1.

Q1. What most excites you about cruising in 2013? via 

  1. mickyarison: 86,347
  2. traveleditor: 58,288
  3. royalcaribbean: 39,555
  4. cruisedeals: 32,837
  5. princesscruises: 31,576
  6. cruisecritic: 29,360
  7. jeannewmanglock: 27,415
  8. cruisenorwegian: 23,869
  9. halcruises: 23,757
  10. twtravelnews: 15,625

Top 10 by number of tweets

  1. cruisebuzz: 77
  2. avidcruiser: 69 (I did a respectable amount of tweetin’ – thank you very much)
  3. cartantours: 54
  4. wavejourney: 49
  5. cruisecritic: 49
  6. cruisesource: 41
  7. la_vacationista: 36
  8. cruisefacts: 33
  9. scottlara1961: 30
  10. cruisitude: 26

And look way down the page: I barely squeezed in the Top 10 by number of impressions

  1. cruisecritic: 1,438,640
  2. cruisebuzz: 1,150,149
  3. mickyarison: 604,429
  4. cruisesource: 496,141
  5. cruisenorwegian: 429,642
  6. princesscruises: 378,912
  7. jeannewmanglock: 356,395
  8. royalcaribbean: 237,330
  9. twtravelnews: 234,375
  10. avidcruiser: 226,527

A lot of fun and some good information and exchange. Check out more on Twitter using the hashtag #TWchats.

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    It was a great chat – really enjoyed it! Be sure and check out #CruiseChat on Twitter each Tuesday at 2pm ET to discuss cruise travel with some of the biggest brands and experts in the industry. Hope to see you there!