So Long From The Butlers Of Silver Cloud

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So long, it was a great cruise. Thank you Silver Cloud butlers. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

It’s not easy to disembark Silver Cloud. Well, physically it’s easy (I simply need walk down the gangway), but I’m having trouble convincing my psyche that it’s time to say good-bye.

It’s been a fun cruise, crossing the Atlantic, and getting to know people. Lots of memorable dinners, a few special events such as Tuscany Meets Silver Cloud, Dinner Last Night At La Terrazza, and beautiful destinations where Silver Cloud gave us exciting experiences ashore, Silver Cloud Delivers An Exhilarating Day: River Tubing In Dominica. And, of course, there was that great Silversea service.

I’m leaving the palatial Owner’s Suite this morning, where I lived lavishly for nearly two weeks, and where my butler Karthik took good care of me. Each morning, the young gentleman (pictured third from the left) delivered breakfast, which he served on a tablecloth that he spread across the table along with a printed copy of the current day’s New York Times, an included perk for guests in the Owner’s Suite.

Karthik shined my shoes, polished my glasses, took care of my laundry, served afternoon canapés, made dinner reservations and more.

Silversea is the only cruise line where every guest has the benefit of butler service, and the butlers can make your cruise experience better than it might be otherwise.

Kathik could not have done it alone. He was assisted by Alvaro, from the Philippines, who kept my suite fresh and clean. These guys work hard, and I am grateful for their services.

Now it’s time to walk down the gangway and to say good-bye to Silver Cloud. Freshly renovated, she’s a sweet little ship, an intimate vessel offering intimate experiences, and for a couple of fortunate weeks in my life, she was my home.

I wish the next group of guests a pleasant voyage to the Amazon and back. Bon voyage to you all. Enjoy your time on Silver Cloud. No doubt, she and the butlers will take good care of you.

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