Of The 727 Differences, This Is The Biggest On Oceania Riviera

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Relaxing on Riviera: Gunnar Aaserud, one of the partners at Oslo-based Yran & Storbraaten Architects A/S, which designed Oceania Marina and Riviera — and many other fine ships.

Of the 727 differences between Oceania Riviera and Oceania Marina, this one is the biggest.

Forward, in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub area, Oceania Marina featured two Jacuzzis and an elevator in between. On Riviera, however, Oslo-based Yran & Storbraaten Architects A/S, the talented team responsible for the designs of too many ships to mention here, found a way to gain extra space and replace the two Jacuzzis with a larger Thalassotherapy pool.

This morning, I ran up on Gunnar Aaserud, one of the partners at YSA, as he was relaxing in the Thalassotherapy pool. It’s hard to imagine a better endorsement that seeing the look of satisfaction on a man enjoying the space he created.

Satisfied with his work: Architect Gunnar Aaserud enjoying the Thalassotherapy pool he and his partners made possible on Oceania Riviera.