Let’s Get Engaged: Follow Avid Cruiser’s Five-Day River Cruise On Scenic Crystal

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Today, I board Scenic Tours‘ new Scenic Crystal in Rudesheim, Germany. I’ll begin reporting live from the vessel beginning this afternoon.

Browse photos of the new Scenic Crystal and from our five-day adventure on Avid Cruiser’s Pinterest Scenic Crystal pinboard, and follow along at Avid Cruiser’s Facebook page and at @avidcruiser, where you can DM me questions.

Mission Control, however, remains right here on avidcruiser.com. I encourage you to leave comments in the space below this post, or contact me via email if you have questions or comments.

This afternoon, we will meet the Scenic Crystal in Rudesheim. I hope to have some time to see this charming town. I’ve been there before and look forward to seeing it again.

Tomorrow, we’re in Heidelberg. We’re being offered two tours, one of the town, and another to visit a “real Germany home for Kaffeeklatsch,” which is described as an “informal social gathering for coffee and conversation.”

Next, is Strasbourg. I’ve been told my family may come from this region. I hope to find some clue to their roots, although our visit here is a short one. We’re offered a walking tour to explore the canals and half-timbered houses or an excursion to the Alsace Wine Region, including a cellar tasting in the French countryside village of Barr. Which would you do?

We head to the Black Forest the next day and disembark for a full-day journey in this mystical and magical place.

The cruise ends in Basel, where I board a train for Paris and my next adventure.