10 Questions With Ralph Grizzle Of Avid Cruiser

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Doug Parker of Cruise Radio has posted a nice Q&A with yours truly. Doug came up with some great questions, including asking me how many miles I travel per year. I answered only in air miles, although I also travel a lot of nautical miles. Here’s how I answered Doug’s Q:

Delta tells me that I travel more than 150,000 qualifying miles with them each year. Part of the reason I fly so much is that I have children in Asheville, North Carolina, and for the past five years, I have had a relationship in the south of Sweden, about an hour from Copenhagen. I probably cross the Atlantic two dozen times a year (each way). Plus, I do fly on other airlines, so like the Clooney-inspired character, I am “Up in the Air.”

This Sunday, I fly home to see my daughter perform. She’s an exceptionally talented musician/actress/vocalist, and she wants to go to university in Sweden, which I’ve learned is cheaper than going to school in the US, even for US citizens. How can that be?

I also make it back for my son’s rowing competitions. I’d post pictures, but he’s at the awkward age where parents need permission to publish their kids’ pictures.

Doug also asked me what remained on my bucket list.

Showing my children, ages 16 and 17, what I have seen, and exploring new places with them. I’ve never been to Antarctica and would love to see that. Spitzbergen is also on my list, that is if I am guaranteed to see polar bears.

Check out the entire interview on Cruise Radio.