Cruising Halifax, Nova Scotia

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This week, Avid Cruiser features cruising Atlantic Canada. If you missed our previous coverage, check out our Atlantic Canada section. Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

I always enjoying coming ashore in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The city has the good fortune to be both a sizable metropolitan area and the gateway to a beautiful region.

Halifax boasts lots of attractions for tourists and, of course, that warm Nova Scotian hospitality. In Halifax, you’ll find culture and traditions brought here from the British Isles. In the city center, you’ll also find lots of beautiful parks. Be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses. Read more.

  • Adam Reid

    Videos like this make me love my home city of Halifax so much more. I love that people love coming here, and we love to show it to you. Glad you had an awesome time here Halifax.