Out Of Africa: Silver Cloud Finishes Two Days In Morocco; Next Stop, Canary Islands

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We spent a fascinating day in Agadir, Morocco, which I photographed from the kasbah, the citadel overlooking Agadir.

Today just so happens to be my birthday. To celebrate, I ordered room service and spent a relaxing morning sailing along the African coast. Sipping a cup of coffee from my balcony, I gazed out at fishing boats against the the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, undulating along the distant horizon. Africa beckoned from afar. I was a “traveler in romance,” a phrase coined by one of my favorite authors during my youth, W. Somerset Maugham.

In the afternoon, Silver Cloud docked in Agadir, where I joined a tour to sample this fascinating resort city, completely rebuilt after an earthquake destroyed it in 1960. A relaxing morning, followed by a cultural immersion. From a traveler’s perspective, the day could not have been better.

Famous for its sardine catches, Agadir boasts a large fishing fleet.

Moroccans love their tea, with a ton of sugar in each glass; make that sugar with tea!

We toured a local souk (market), where tourists seemed to be not all that frequent.

Showtime! We enjoyed traditional music and dance.

We watched horsemanship while we sat under Berber tents.

An exuberant welcome.

Warm Morrocan hospitality.

Now that's a hat!

Moroccan music.

All eyes were on the belly dancer.

I wouldn't want his job. Would you?

Hurry! Let's get out of here!

Here comes the bride - on a camel!

Say hello to the man with the golden smile, literally.

Making the fishing nets ready for tomorrow's sardine catch.

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    Thank you!

  • Ann G.

    My kind of field trip!  And happy birthday, Ralph.  :)