Cruising From Copenhagen? Recipe For A Romantic Weekend

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Room 3 at The Nimb.

My significant other and I needed a weekend get-away. Living only an hour from Copenhagen, we decided to visit the Danish capital for 24 hours.

Our goal was to dine well, to sleep well and to inject a little romance back into our relationship on this pre-Valentine’s weekend.

We began by checking in to the Nimb. Overnights don’t get better than at this 13-room property situated at Tivoli (I’ve heard the hotel was expanding – to 14 rooms).

A tub for two.

The Nimb offers exquisite guest rooms with a huge tub (for two), gourmet cocktails in the Nimb Bar, a seasonally curated Scandinavian menu in Nimb Brasserie (where we enjoyed brunch), a Michelin-starred dining experience in Restaurant Herman, and wines from one of Scandinavia’s most extensive wine lists in Nimb Vinotek. The Nimb was so cozy that we did not want to leave, but the night called and we headed out for the evening.

Leaving the Nimb, we strolled Strøget (remember to swallow the g when pronouncing) in the direction of Kongens Nytorv to our next stop, the cocktail bar known simply as 1105.

Copenhagen Cocktails @ 1105

Pre-dinner cocktails at 1105 Cocktail Bar

Our host Camilla suggested that we try the Copenhagen. After all, Manhattan has its own drink. Why not Copenhagen? Take a moment to watch the video about the cocktail when you’re finished reading this post (you’ll find the video at the bottom).

He's been called Denmark's best bartender, and his drinks are as tasty as they are entertaining.

After the cocktail at 1105, we walked not more than five minutes to Restaurant Grønnegade. This dining establishment absolutely has to be Copenhagen’s coziest and most romantic restaurant. Restaurant Grønnegade resides in one of Copenhagen’s oldest buildings, dating from 1689, so you can imagine just how charming it is inside.

Cozy and romantic: Restaurant Grønnegade

It is not only the food that makes Restaurant Grønnegade so special but also the owners. The young couple, Ulrik and Eva, have owned the restaurant for 15 years, and they operate it with care. Ulrik works the business end of the restaurant, while his charming wife runs the operations.

Gourmet cuisine by candlelight

We had the Gourmet menu with wine pairings. The full menu is here if you want to tantalize your taste buds.

Gourmet all the way: Grilled codfish with puré of fennel – foam of terragon and deirt of mushroom

Eva and her staff gave excellent and personal service during our dinner there. We felt like family when leaving, and it did not feel awkward to give her a hug instead of a handshake when leaving.

We ended our perfect night with a stroll back along Strøget to the Nimb and a nightcap at the Nimb Bar. The next morning we had brunch, went to a museum and headed home. No place on earth could have been more romantic than our 24 hours in Copenhagen

Spacious and sublime: The Nimb Bar