Getting Around In Copenhagen: From Airport To City Center & Ship

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In the Arrivals Hall at Copenhagen International Airport

Your flight just landed at Copenhagen’s International Airport, and you’re off to your ship. Thing is, you don’t won’t pay DK300 (about US$55) for a taxi when you can pay less.

You can get to either of Copenhagen’s two cruise terminals for about half of what you’d spend for a taxi. The trick is to combine train and taxi.

Look for your baggage. The display shows not only the belt number where you can retrieve your luggage but also when you can expect it.

First, collect your luggage. To find out which carousel yours is on, look at the monitors displaying the baggage belt where you can claim your luggage.

Purchase a train ticket while you’re waiting for your luggage.

While you’re waiting for your luggage, visit one of the ticket kiosks to purchase a train ticket to Central Station for DKK31.50 (about US$5.50).

Instructions are in English, and you can pay with your credit card. However, and this is important, make sure your credit card can also be used as debit card. And make sure you know the pin code. You’ll need the pin code in most places in Denmark and Sweden. American Express cards do not require a pin code but aren’t always widely accepted either.

The train fare includes a bus transfer, provided that you transfer within an hour of buying your ticket (the train takes only 12 minutes from the airport to the city center). Busses are convenient from Central Station.

Taxis from the airport to Central Station will cost you about DKK300 (US$52), and you can usually pay by credit card. Check with the driver beforehand.

It can be a tad bit confusing, but you're headed to København H/Copenhagen. Hop on Malmo C/Goteborg C only if you prefer to spend time in Sweden.

As you can see, it's easy to travel by train with your luggage.

Signage is plentiful and in English at Central Station.

You'll have no trouble finding a taxi in Copenhagen, and fares are metered. You won't be ripped off. Taxis are regulated by the Danish Taxi Association.

Getting To Your Hotel

From Central Station, you can walk to Tivoli, City Hall Square, Strøget and several hotels, including The Nimb, TwentySeven, Imperial, Scandic Copenhagen, Scandic Palace and Radisson SAS Royal.

If you’re staying in D’Angleterre, skip the train ticket and buy a Metro ticket to Kongens Nytorv (DKK31.50). The Metro is situated 50 meters from the Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall and operates between the airport and the city center every four minutes. You can also take the Metro to Nørreport Station, where there are plenty of bus and train services to make an easy transfer to your destination.

If you are staying at Hilton Copenhagen Airport, walk. It will take you five minutes.

Should you be staying at one of my favorite hotels, Skovshoved, brace yourself. It’s 20 minutes north of the city center, and not so easy to get to with luggage, except by taxi. Splurge.

Confused about where you’re staying or where to stay? See the Avid Cruiser’s Copenhagen Hotel Map.

Getting To Your Ship

If your ship departs from Langelinie or Nordre Toldbod and you’re headed straight to the ship (shame on you for not seeing Copenhagen), you could purchase a ticket (DKK31.50) to the Østerport station. Once there, you could walk from Østerport to Langelinie if you’re traveling light. If not, a taxi will cost you less than $10. However, because taxis may be hard to find at Østerport, I recommend you take the train to Central Station and transfer from there.

If your ship departs from the Freeport Terminal, first get yourself to Central Station, where you can hop a taxi to Freeport for around DKK150 (about US$26). Langelinie by taxi from Central Station will set you back a mere DKK100 (US$18).

Don’t know where your ship is? Check the Copenhagen Malmo Port’s listing of cruise ships.

Too Complicated? Help Is Here

If you just can’t figure out how to buy a ticket or where you should be going, leave the baggage area and head to information desk, situated as you exit to your left.

Stop by the Information Desk for maps and assistance.

Also, head to the Information Deck if you’d like to buy a Copenhagen Card. For more information about the money-saving card, click for more information.

The Copenhagen Card can save you money on transportation, sight-seeing, meals and more.

If you still need to purchase train tickets, you can either purchase with a credit/debit card from a machine or a real person.

Purchase your train ticket with your credit card at the kiosks. Note there are two different types of machines. The ones to the left, where the man in the white jacket is standing, distribute clip cards that you must remember to clip before boarding the train or else you'll be fined. And they're also sold by zone, which can be confusing. Best to stick with the machines to the right.


Get human help at the DSB counter.

A few additional tips:

  • Avoid Nordshaven station, even though on the map it looks close to Freeport Terminal. The signage is in Danish only, and the trains don’t always stop there, especially the ones from the airport.
  • The S Train is the urban train, operating only in the city.
  • The Regional train travels all the way up to Helsingør, home to Hamlet’s Castle.
  • The Metro is only good for getting to the city center.
  • Busses can be too complicated and take too long to get to where you’re going.
  • You could bike, as everyone in Copenhagen does, but leave your luggage at home.
  • From Langelinie, it’s a pleasant 30-minute walk to the city center. Get out and enjoy.

For more information, visit The Avid Cruiser’s Cruising From Copenhagen and Cruise Copenhagen.

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